sometimes all it takes is a call

August 3, 2008

missed call: hanna h. 6:18pm 08/02/08

a person who i needed to talk to because for so many years of my life, i wouldnt have been able to make it through. once again, i fall backwards and i still need help to push through. my parents have been shoving my future down my throat, and well its not helping at all.

i used to know what i wanted to be. i used to have the motavation to try harder, i still do somewhat. but there leaves that i dont know what the fuck im doing anymore kinda thing going on. i have no idea what i want to be. everyone says senior year will clear things up, itll all become straight in your head, and youll know what you want to do. you will see kid. well im sorry, but thats kinda bullshit isnt it?

ive envied anyone who knows the slightest about what they want to do. when people ask what you want to do, i look at them nervously and i want to say how the hell am i supposed to know, i dont know. all my friends it seems have it all figured out, i want to major in this or that or whatever, but none the less they all know. is it normal not to know and be this lost?

well i hope it is…
the one thing i know my friend would say to me is, honey its ok, just remember even though you dont know, you can never. just keeo looking at the little good things you have.


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