i just wanna run away…

August 21, 2008

“I just wanna run away, I’ve had it here
I just gotta get out of
here, I’ve had it here
I just wanna run away, I’m done with this
Grab your coat, just take me, take me”
– basment jaxx  take me back to your house

so its not that drastic, i dont really want to run away, im just kinda .. stressed a bit, but who isnt right. im stuck,  i have no idea what im doing anymore. i really just dont know. ive been going with the flow, just i dont how or what to write about in a college essay. they dont exactly have a topic. i just i dont know where to start. and i dont know what makes me stand out. problem there. yes.. big problem there.

but anyways on a brighter side of things, i have started like actually started started, the 100 drawing challenge. not as far along as my friend but she started earlier, but but but i uh painting next year with these topics will be fun. so yay!

uh.. lets see.. yeah. thats about it.


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