life in the fastlane

September 22, 2008

wow. i have not been updating a lot at all, no wonder barely anyones visited in a while. anyways at the moment i am taking a break from my homework and studies. god, these weeks have been so hectic. i feel as if i have not been able to get my head on straight.

i havent had time for many things i enjoy, photoshopping for one thing. ive been trying to squeeze in music browsing im doing ok with that. you should visit this: its good stuff. hahaha. its really been hard to squeeze in study time during the weekends and so i can visit vince and his family.

lately ive been doing some of my homework there. its been hectic. Not really rough, compared to other times or other peoples lives, its just chaos. chaos i can live without. ive dropped clubs hanging out with my friends and sometimes leaving my brother even though ive barely seen him.

days just seem to pass slow, but faster than i can handle. i sometimes find myself behind on my work and this just sucks. i still need to apply for college. boo… i want to redo this too because it bugs me.

alas i must return to my stuff because i have many tests and still homework to do. wish me luck C:


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