Cause Im in too deep, and Im trying to keep, Up above in my head, instead of going under.

November 12, 2008

this school years just long and hard (yes pun intended). i feel like i have to try hard to keep up with everything and not drown in a pile of work. more apps to do because my parents are like that. im already accepted to a college i wanna go to.. sf state. yes odd my acheivements are low, but im really excited to yeah 😀

my relationship is still ongoing. im happy to say that. its almost one year. hahah c: is college going to ruin that for me, it really might.. i will be torn if it does. but for the most part i think we’ll be fine.

so about school and my piles of work. TRIADD! mac gives so many ws, but they are pretty easy, so its not too bad. but overall so much work. forced into a club, had to do much junks for that. papers, projects, NO MOVIE or FEILDTRIP THIS SEMESTER. but soon to be going to the inaguaration ! im super excited for that.. OBAMA BITCHES! hehe, yes i will be there and see him c:

nothing super new in life, 100 drawing challenge update in progress – 34 of 100
with this school year its just halted a bit.. oh well. not my focus at the moment. im just trying to keep sane, with my parents and their ridiculous wants. im also trying to keep everything ongoing, school (which isnt as good as i had wanted for myself), relationships (this includes friends), and art (which i do because what else should i).


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