i just wanna run away…

August 21, 2008

“I just wanna run away, I’ve had it here
I just gotta get out of
here, I’ve had it here
I just wanna run away, I’m done with this
Grab your coat, just take me, take me”
– basment jaxx  take me back to your house

so its not that drastic, i dont really want to run away, im just kinda .. stressed a bit, but who isnt right. im stuck,  i have no idea what im doing anymore. i really just dont know. ive been going with the flow, just i dont how or what to write about in a college essay. they dont exactly have a topic. i just i dont know where to start. and i dont know what makes me stand out. problem there. yes.. big problem there.

but anyways on a brighter side of things, i have started like actually started started, the 100 drawing challenge. not as far along as my friend but she started earlier, but but but i uh painting next year with these topics will be fun. so yay!

uh.. lets see.. yeah. thats about it.


hello – from texas

July 22, 2008

Officially I have until Saturday here and then I am home free. Don’t get me wrong, Texas has been interesting, seeing my cousin has been nice, but I miss home and I think its time i went back. Sadly, i do not return to my boyfriend for he is somewhere in the Philippines as i write and as you read. To this i have mixed feelings…

I am happy he is going there to see his family and such. I am worried because his past love is there. I know he thinks about the what-ifs, those can kill, and i know he liked her very much. But what about me..? Whatever will be will be. This is little concern to me..

Whats really on my mind is SENIOR YEAR. Next year will be interesting.. and I am excited for my classes. I MISSED PICTURE DAY! yeah. what the hell. I’ve kept in contact with many of my friends as best I can. AHH, mattycakes how fun our talks are. Actually i kid not, i enjoy them even though you know they are kinda weird. I love talking about uncomfortable topics with you.

I am really praying my art major works out for the better (:

– Lara

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