7 months?

July 23, 2008

its a happy 7 months with my boyfriend vince. i umm.. dont think he will ever see or read this. but whatever. happy happy..

almost home.. i still cannot believe its almost been a month in texas. its a weird thought.
im excited to go home. i miss my bed, the pull out bed, our tv so i can watch senseless movies at 3am. i miss my friends and i miss having access to a computer at all times. i miss going to the park near home, i miss swimming. mostly i miss all the people there. i dont get to come home to the family i enjoy bursting in on, but soon. soon, i get to see them (:


hello – from texas

July 22, 2008

Officially I have until Saturday here and then I am home free. Don’t get me wrong, Texas has been interesting, seeing my cousin has been nice, but I miss home and I think its time i went back. Sadly, i do not return to my boyfriend for he is somewhere in the Philippines as i write and as you read. To this i have mixed feelings…

I am happy he is going there to see his family and such. I am worried because his past love is there. I know he thinks about the what-ifs, those can kill, and i know he liked her very much. But what about me..? Whatever will be will be. This is little concern to me..

Whats really on my mind is SENIOR YEAR. Next year will be interesting.. and I am excited for my classes. I MISSED PICTURE DAY! yeah. what the hell. I’ve kept in contact with many of my friends as best I can. AHH, mattycakes how fun our talks are. Actually i kid not, i enjoy them even though you know they are kinda weird. I love talking about uncomfortable topics with you.

I am really praying my art major works out for the better (:

– Lara

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